Since Lenry is a stickler for the 90s, I made a Furby to put on his memorabilia shelf. Way cuter than the actual ones as you can see here.


I used a combination of the oldest and newest deign. I remember when I was younger I had the grey one on the left. It was hideously frightening and I loved it dearly.

EDIT: My group asked for two more.



Issues and plans

Latest issue has arisen for the project, and it’s that I have to find a way to put the lava lamp in the scene and not have it completely devastate the lighting of the bedroom. I’ve tried lowering the intensity of the spotlights inside it, but it still creates a massive glare. My other issue is figuring out how to MASH the wax inside so I don’t have to worry about it when the actual scene is playing. I figured I would create a normal MASH, then assign the start and end frames, but for some reason it’s not working.

For now I’ll just keep working on Lenry and get him rigged already. I’ll be meeting with my team on Thursday instead to discuss where we are and what needs to be done. I’m eager to start already. The preparation aspect of animation gives me a  lot of discomfort and anxiety about whether or not I actually know what I’m doing or if I’m just bumbling along.

In the mean time, here’s what the practice scene looks like with the lowered lights. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it all out before the group meets.

I’ll be adding a window as well, plus trying to make some more 90s nonsense to fill the scene with. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a furby or something.

Room experiment/updates


Here’s an update for Lenry’s room. I’m still waiting to hear back from my group on what they think, but we’ll probably talk more about it tomorrow. I chose this design because the main concern of my group right now is making sure we don’t make this impressive room set up and only have a quarter of it in the shot. I think that if we keep a slanted, corner room shot, we can fill it up with the 90s memorabilia without having to worry about it being too big.

Personally, I’m starting to deal with my own worries at this point in the project. I feel like I’m not doign enough, which from previous posts, you can probably tell I struggle with this a lot. My role in the project so far has been: Sculpting the character, rigging the character,  and background prop modelling. I just feel like even though I’ve taken so much on I’m not helping with the minor things the others are picking up. It’s frustrating but I don’t know how to handle it other than to keep working as hard as possible. I’ll talk to everyone tomorrow about maybe starting a list to go through.

Zbrush Lenry

Oh by the by, our group named our character Lenry. (Or rather I did and I’m not sure if they thought I was joking or not but Lenry it is.)

I haven’t used Zbrush since last semester, and to be honest, I was furious when first trying it out again because I plum forgot all the controls. So I cracked open a tutorial and managed to figure it out from there. This took probably about five hours or so. The face took about three and a half of those hours. I’m quitting for tonight and I’m planning on staying home tomorrow to finish him.

I want to talk to Alec about it as well, because I’m nervous all this hard work will be for nothing if the model turns out to be a dud. Just some concerns I’ll talk with him about on Thursday.

Lenry.pngThis was particularly fun mainly because I’ve always wondered what my style would look like in 3D!

Finished lamp

This project is starting out slowly, but I’m super happy with this. It only took about two days or so but it was well worth the effort. I’m so pleased I’ll allow myself a victorious cackle.

I changed the base a little so it resembled rocket ship fins a little better. Then I continued to plat around with the volume axis tool until I got the wax to float at a speed i liked. Probably the hardest part about this was getting the wax to glow. Despite having a tutorial in front of me to walk me though how to do it, I spent several hours trying to assign textures and lights to it, all having terrible results. On the plus side, I did learn less complex glow effects as well as how to finally use the hypershader.

In the end, it was as simple as placing a Point Light in the middle of the glass to give it a nice, calming glow.

While it took longer than I intended, I’m super super proud of myself and look forward to the rest of the project now. Up next I’m attempting a re-installation of Zbrush so I can FINALLY get started modelling our character.

90s research

So because Zbrush is being a ZButt I’m taking a break to build the room our film is taking place in. I’m looking at some reference photos and it should be pretty easy to make up. I’ve already got the Lava Lamp done, and I’m working on the bed today. First thing I took a look at was Andy’s room from Toy Story

While we don’t plan on having the Guy actually have a child like room, it’s a good place to start when looking for bedroom references. After a bit more digging, I found some better pictures that would most likely suit the character a little more.

If there’s one thing I can appreciate it’s how the 1990s were VERY anti-headboard for some reason. Guess it just went against the new Grunge fashion. (If you don’t know what grunge is, go find the oldest unwashed shirt you can, refuse to shower, and don’t tie your shoes. Congrats you’re now hip.) Applying this to a bedroom will be a challenge, but a fun one none the less.

For now I’m going to update my group on where I am modelling wise, talk to Alec about Zbrush, then get back to work.

Lava lamp


Quick test for our short. The room is 90s themed so I figured I would start out with something simple like a lava lamp. I decided if I wanted to really push the silliness, I should make it a rocket lamp. Those always looked so goofy to me and also I figured a basic lava lamp would be too easy to model.


I started with a square and after getting the basic shape I assigned textures and began making the wax with the nParticle tool. Right now it looks fine as a model I think, but I’m going to have the wax drift up and down so I need to toy with the settings a bit to figure that out.

EDIT: 11/18

Fixed the particle emissions!! I’m so happy with this. All I have to do now is color and light the wax and I’ll be done. I also need to match the blobby radius scale to the threshold, but my computer is too tired to try so it’ll have to wait for Monday when I can get one of the macs. I got to do more scripting in this, which still confuses me, but it does what I need so I can fumble through pretending I know what I’m doing for now. Here’s the updated lamp



This project feels like it’s moving really quickly already. We’re still perfecting storyboards and planning on getting it all sorted out by tomorrow so we can present on Thursday. I’ve started experimenting with character modelling. This is just a base model I’ve made in maya, and I’m going to see what happens when I put it into Zbrush. This will be good practice for when I start the final project. Here’s what I have so far

Double Denim!

So we got our groups for the 40 second animated short. I’m with Yazz, Glenn, Leanna and Clare and we decided to do a short about a tool who thinks double denim is a good idea. I think there’s a lot we can do with it and I’m really excited. I did some concept art last night thinking about what our main character looks like. We settled on a tall, skinny guy who has no concept of cool but hopes to achieve it one day.

I also decided to play around in maya and figure out how to model at least something resembling jeans since out main focus in the short is denim. I’m still learning bump/UV mapping, so I’ll try to texture it later tonight.