I caught up a bit with my group and as mentioned before, I’m modelling a clock to put in the scene. I also volunteered to do a lot of the cloth in the scene as well. That’s gonna be a lot tougher but I can do it.

Anyway here’s the clock model. It took about two hours and I used this picture as a reference.


I started with a square and set to work extruding and beveling the faces until the basic shape was formed. The clock face and the details were made using extra cylinders and squares. This is the first time in a while I’ve made something like this but it was pretty fun.




Spaceship concepts

Alright, so I’m adjusting to the new idea, albeit slowly, but I’m getting there. I started throwing together concepts for what the spaceship would look like. I didn’t want to do a generic looking flying saucer, but I did model one just to make sure I could do it. I was hoping to get a little bit more of a clunkier looking one. Like it’s a junk ship, that’s why it’s stealing furniture.

I also had some ideas for a sleeker looking ship too, like the one from the Jetsons. I actually wound up using that one for reference.


I think those four designs are enough to choose from. Up next I’m going to be making a cuckoo clock to put in the scene. Most reports of alien abduction come with the shared experience of losing time or time freezing, so that may be something cool to work with.

Environment Notes

Alight so like a buffoon I forgot my notebook with all my flora and fauna notes so I’ll post it here.

Since we began throwing around the idea of cabin/shack/shed in the woods I began to research the types of plants we would find there. As stated before I keep seeing this Temperate area that’s very secluded and therefore riddled with nature. I’ve been doing some digging to find some plants that would be easiest to model and would be native to that area.

  1. Pine Cones: Easiest thing to find in pine areas, and while hard to model, we should definitely have a few lying around the cabin and on the floor.
  2. Primroses: A small, star shaped flower, this grows from January into late Spring and thrives in partial shade usually at the bases of tree trunks. This means we can have it inside or outside and still have an appropriate setting for it. The Primrose specifically comes in pastel yellow, but the genus itself comes in any shade from deep purple to white. The Primrose is an edible flower and can be made into tea.
  3. Foxglove: Also known as the Bloody Glove, this cone shaped flower comes in purplish, reddish shades and is a rather short lived flower. It too grows in partial shade. The inside is speckled and has a slightly hairy texture. Unlike the primrose however, the Foxglove is poisonous and should not be ingested. If we do wind up using this flower in the project, it should probably should be further away from the other plant life we have in the cabin.
  4. Bluebells: Probably one of the most Springy flowers, this one, as well as the others, also grows in partial shade and blooms into a star shape that rounds out into the namesake bell. This one would also be another flower that would be easy to model and place wherever we want in the scene.
  5. Various Mushrooms: James lent me a book on mushrooms and toadstools, and so far a majority of the ones I’ve bee reading about are autumnal, but edible. So I guess we can make like a preserved jar of them?? It all depends on where we take the concept.

So that’s all the research I’ve done so far. Drawing them is a pain, but necessary. I’ll try to read some more later; maybe even buy a tiny book on flowers to keep me from getting distracted.

Environment updates

So regarding the environment project, I took the liberty to start digging up as much nature trivia as I could. James lent me his book on fungi, I’ve been studying coniferous based nature, and have been practing modelling them as much as I can. If there’s one thing I’m really interested in though, it’s making sure each piece of the project conveys the narritive.

When I last talked with my group, we agreed to work on some concepts. The general ideas we came away with were: Small cabin/shed/treehouse, nature, happy place. Personally what I derived from this was botanist’s work shed. I’ll be working on some more concepts tomorrow, but I fooled around with xGen until I got something I was sort of happy with


Working with XGen is annoying sometimes. I only just started it so I don’t know much about it yet aside from watching tutorials and figuring out grass and color and stuff.

the Pros:

I can now make something akin to grass

Damn this looks kinda good

The Cons

My computer….she is dying……

Everything… so slow…..

what do any of these buttons mean???

Walk Cycle test 1

It’s been four straight hours of animating this and I don’t have a witty quip for you sorry.


I used this reference  to help me catch the movement properly. I need to work more on making the legs a little looser. I think I have a pretty good understanding of the upper body movement but the legs are too stiff. Not to mention I’m still working on the graph editor. I still have time though, and I can always ask Alec for help if I need it.

Jack and Jill Interaction

So anyway last night I went to bed confident in the poses I’d done already and then woke up at like 3am like “u could do more and u know it”

So I decided to make Jack and Jill interact, as that’s the best way to convey more character. I got to act out the Slapping Scene and the snuggly Jills scene, but the others were winging it. I need to utilize references a lot more, but I think these turned out really nicely and I’m satisfied with my workload.

Environment Project

So the second project I have for this semester is an environment scene that tells a narrative. This is something I’m extremely excited to do because it’s something I practiced all summer. I’ll be working with James, Clare, and Matthew. Personally I’d love to do a forest setting, and the others seem a little on board, but we’re going to compile a bunch of mood boards to better communicate the themes we’re thinking of capturing.

Basically anything that communicates solitude and darkness. The narrative I’d be hoping to convey would be the idea of something moving through the woods to a cabin and leaving a distinct trail. It’s still a very loose idea, but I’d be willing to run it by the group for more input.

Jack and Jill model

Oh my god this was fun. I finally managed to update maya and upload the rigging model in. At first I tried a few dancing poses, then I tried stiffening the muscles a little more  in some fighting poses. I preferred the fighting poses mainly because I felt like the weight distribution was tougher to tackle with more rewarding results.

For these, I started out at the feet and worked my way up. Deciding the direction the feet pointed, the way the hips turned, and then eventually the way the torso twisted with the shoulders next. For this I think I also preferred the male figure. I sometimes got confused with the female model’s hips and it led to some uncanny valley posing.

First day back/Game Plan

Second year begins today, and while I have some concerns about maya related mischief, I’m fairly confident that I’ll do just fine. the courses seem good, the room is slightly smaller than the last but honestly there are more computers it seems so I’m cool with that.

So for this semester I already have a list of things I want to complete that’s imperative for me to complete if I want to get placement or an equivalent of placement.

  1. Due to being an american student, I can’t legally get placement through university without losing funding. So I’ll be talking with Connan and Alec to find out what other options are available to me
  2. Rigging. I did plenty of modelling this summer along with special effects practice, but I did zero rigging despite making plans to. I’m extremely behind and hate rigging but hey I gotta learn. (kill me0
  3. I also need to work with character modelling more. Scenes and objects I working fine with, but characters I need to practice. I should be getting a new tablet pen and working more in Zbrush too, so hopefully I can start modelling a few characters I’ve been designing this summer.
  4.  Possibly start writing again. Maybe set aside a few minutes a day to actually write that story I’ve been working on since last semester. It would be helpful to finish so I can actually start drawing  it.

So that’s it. That should be my overall plan for this semester. I’m looking forward to progressing more this semester and I’m hoping to complete at least three of the four things on the list. Hopefully I should be updating more regularly as well considering Alec is already having us choose groups today.