Terrance and Lamar update

I’ve been playing around with rigging, and I can now move Terrence’s arms, torso, head, and some fingers. I’m still very uncertain of myself when it comes to legitimately animating the character, however I’m sure that will change in time.

Alec has been teach us about rigging characters, and I have a useful video series about animating characters in maya. Probably my biggest concern with this project is that I am not doing enough. I’ve had my team try to reassure me that I am doing plenty, however I feel as though posing a character is nothing to boast about, especially considering James is modelling and successfully animating an octopus and Lydia has modeled Terrence’s entire home and completed two storyboard videos. I understand that I contributed to the story boards, but I still don’t feel like it’s enough.

I’m hoping this feeling of uselessness will go away soon, and pretty much the most I can do is keep working and trying to make this tubby sailor man move already.

Will update soon, hopefully with more confidence.

Final City before animation


Many thanks to Veronika for making the Bodwith House, the Stick Houses, the book, and gathering the information. I made the bottles, the Salem Church, Witch Museum, and Corwin house and put the whole scene together. I just have to make the bottles swing eerily and then I can finally all it quits on the project.

I know I had a lot of theatrics in my previous posts, but I really did enjoy this and for once I really feel as though I put in a ton of effort into this. I learned so much in Maya during this assignment, perfected what I already new, and also learned a lot more about Salem itself. Stress aside, this was extremely enjoyable.

VFX, Character, and Environment artists

For class we had to write a quick bit on 2d/3d artists of these specific jobs, and I managed to come up with two. Unfortunately I’m having trouble finding the name of the character animator/artist, so they’re getting their own separate post.

VFX Artist, Joni Jacobson: known for her work in Pirates of the Caribbean, Wonder Woman, Snow White and the Huntsman, xXx, The Amazing Spiderman, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. She currently works for Pixomondo studios as an executive producer and has worked for companies such as Sony, Rhythm and Hues, Asylum, and Dream Quest Images.

Image result for pirates of the caribbean at world's endRelated image

Joni grew up among a family of architects, and describes their influence in her work as a balance of engineering and art.

The reason why I chose her was not only because she’s worked on some of my favorite movies, but also because she represents the potential women have in the film and animation industry. Seeing her succeed in a field that is rather male dominated provides reassurance that I too could make it as far as she did.


Environment Artist, Tracy J. Butler: Known specifically for her webcomic Lackadaisy, Tracy is someone who was essentially just born great when it comes to art. Though she never studied at any art based schools, she was working for computer game company Playnet by her early twenties, and designed several characters for the game Hero’s Journey. However she quit to work on her comic full time.


Lackadaisy Headlong

References: http://lackadaisy.foxprints.com/index.php

Story boarding!!

So in New Narratives we’ve started studying story boards, and so far it’s fascinating. I really enjoy the differing moods something as simple as camera angles can cause, and I’m really looking forward to working with my group. We all have so many ideas and we’re all eager to get them out as soon as possible.

Our story so far is a meteor hits Victoria Square and gives life to a statue that proceeds to destroy the entire area. After he calms down, a homeless woman who used to sit near his statue helps him develop a more human outlook on life, and rebuild the area he destroyed. However because the life inside the statue is actually an alien soul, the creatures that lost it are coming to reclaim it.

It’s a fun concept, and I can’t wait to work more on it. So far we’ve been doodling concept art for some of the creatures we’ll be working with.

I drew some aliens


Lauren drew some Big Squiggly (Spirit of Belfast)

And Rose has been constructing a lot of the conflict in the story as well. Caitlyn is just getting back, but I’m looking forward to working with anything she has to bring.

Lauren was also helpful enough to give us some awesome examples of Brad Bird’s story board work. Probably my favorite example of Bird’s camera angles are how he uses the angles to show that the characters aren’t level. Specifically when drawing characters with height differences, he uses a lower angle to display this.


I’m really excited to begin working on the angles. I already have one scene planned out, and I’m planning on sketching it out later tonight.

Bird, Brad. “Brad Bird On How To Compose Shots For Story And Layout Artists”. Animation Meat. N.p., 2017. Web. 20 Feb. 2017.

Bird, Brad. “Brad Bird On How To Compose Shots For Story And Layout Artists”. Animation Meat. N.p., 2017. Web. 20 Feb. 2017.

Vogler Stuff

Reviewing the reading material for our project, I’m really enjoying the subject. I usually have trouble with non fiction work, so this is a very refreshing change for me.

I’m covering the section called The Innermost Cave, which references the hero’s exploration of the world he’s been placed in after the initial confusion and clamor of being there fades. This is essentially the part of the story where the main character knows enough about the world so that their choices from then on can be seen as informed and understandable. The best and clearest example of this is when Luke goes to Degobah in The Empire Strikes Back to learn more about the force from Yoda.

It’s a fairly mellow point of the story, I think. There’s not much left to happen. It’s located right between the shock of being thrust into the story and the grande finale. Though I will admit I do enjoy being able to spot so many examples of this structure in all my favorite movies and books.


New Semester

So everyone is back from break, and we already have an assignment due for Tuesday. Basically we’re getting some reading done and preparing a presentation of our take on what we’ve learned from our section. I’ll be posting some research based on what I’ve dug up a little after I read some more tonight.

More Life Drawing

These were some of my favorites from the class. Mostly all from late November and December, I feel as though that’s when I progresses the most. Unfortunately that was when I only just started asking Mike for help, so there are definitely some very clear things I have to work on. I kind of draw legs like french fries; the joints are all choppy and uneven, and I definitely need to focus on proportions of the body so I don’t wind up drawing the model as a Mii. I also focus on drawing too quickly instead of finding the form.

On a more positive note, after I told Mike what I thought I was doing wrong, I could see where I was improving. I got a better feel for the torso, and the head wasn’t as massive as I used to draw it. I know if I practice over break, I’ll be able to improve much faster, and I’m looking forward to next semester.