Sneak peak of a candle animation I’m practicing. This was both a hassle and a ball. The fire was made using a 3D fluid container and the candle took about half an hour to model. the biggest problem I’ve been having is getting the glow to be bright enough, but I should have that covered soon.

Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in sometime this week to get some renders done on the macs and upload all the animations I’ve done this summer.


Smoke test

Playing with maya again and learning how to make smoke and lava. The lava was made using the nParticle tool. I played around with the liquid settings to give it a heavier, lava-like look to it, then transformed the particles into mesh. The smoke was made using the nFluid tool. It was a little more frustrating, but I feel I have a better grasp on it than I did the last time I messed around with it.



Summer Plans

I will not go outside. You cannot make me. Today a bee flew into my hair and I refuse to go through that again.

So this summer I will be playing with character rigging. I didn’t feel very accomplished this semester, so I gotta learn it all again. I’ll be using this good boy, Gengar. He’s a pretty fun pokemon to work with, as he’s mainly one big round shape. I’ll be rigging him tomorrow and then set to work playing with the animation principles.