Smoke test

Playing with maya again and learning how to make smoke and lava. The lava was made using the nParticle tool. I played around with the liquid settings to give it a heavier, lava-like look to it, then transformed the particles into mesh. The smoke was made using the nFluid tool. It was a little more frustrating, but I feel I have a better grasp on it than I did the last time I messed around with it.



Summer Plans

I will not go outside. You cannot make me. Today a bee flew into my hair and I refuse to go through that again.

So this summer I will be playing with character rigging. I didn’t feel very accomplished this semester, so I gotta learn it all again. I’ll be using this good boy, Gengar. He’s a pretty fun pokemon to work with, as he’s mainly one big round shape. I’ll be rigging him tomorrow and then set to work playing with the animation principles.