Head Project

Alec’s final assignment for us was sculpting a friend’s head in mudbox or Zbrush. I had to use the latter because my computer is a nasty little goblin incapable of running simple programs, but that aside I think this turned out pretty okay.

I sculpted my friend Lauren’s head. Here were the references she sent me

And here was the finished product

Because I have no idea how to properly use zbrush, I started out using an previously provided head model called DemonHead. It was quite the challenge smoothing the masculine features into feminine ones, but I think I have at least a better grasp of how to approach 3D sculpting than I did two weeks ago.

If there were thing I would do differently, I would definitely try and start from a sphere instead of a head. The restricted features were a hassle to work with. I would also try and pay more attention to her facial features. I think this looks a little bit like Lauren, however it’s very obvious this isn’t completely her.


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