General update/game plan

I’ve finished my opening scene as well as a practice render. It took a surprisingly shorter amount of time than I thought it would, which of course leads me to believe that I’ve forgotten something. I don’t know anymore, I’ll figure it out.

I still have yet to even start Alec’s assignment of sculpting a classmate’s head in mudbox. I’ll probably start this weekend.

Lastly, my life drawing assignment of designing a character using the 12 principles of animation should be easy. I have my character all ready (thank you endless supply of original characters I never get around to using) and I’ll experiment probably this weekend as well.

In general I’m really frustrated with myself, and I still feel like I’m not doing enough. Like I know I have done a lot-Creating/rigging main character, rendering opening scene, finishing second scene- but I still don’t feel as though it’s the most I can do. I know I can’t do the entire project because let’s face it, that’d be suicide basically, but I don’t know how to feel as though I’ve done enough.


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