Terrance and Lamar update

I’ve been playing around with rigging, and I can now move Terrence’s arms, torso, head, and some fingers. I’m still very uncertain of myself when it comes to legitimately animating the character, however I’m sure that will change in time.

Alec has been teach us about rigging characters, and I have a useful video series about animating characters in maya. Probably my biggest concern with this project is that I am not doing enough. I’ve had my team try to reassure me that I am doing plenty, however I feel as though posing a character is nothing to boast about, especially considering James is modelling and successfully animating an octopus and Lydia has modeled Terrence’s entire home and completed two storyboard videos. I understand that I contributed to the story boards, but I still don’t feel like it’s enough.

I’m hoping this feeling of uselessness will go away soon, and pretty much the most I can do is keep working and trying to make this tubby sailor man move already.

Will update soon, hopefully with more confidence.


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