Character Artist

Yeah so I completely forgot to make that post about my favorite character artist for Alec’s class. I originally wanted to try and find the guy who did most of Hopper’s animation in Bug’s Life, however I could not find the name, so I decided to just pick an artist I’ve been following since I first started drawing.

Phobs has been a presence on the art site I use for about ten years or so. She’s a Russian animator who has one of the most unique styles I’ve ever seen.

She’s known for designing amazingly detailed and expressive characters. Not much else is known about her however, due to her very private nature. More of her work can be found on her deviantart: or her tumblr:


Phobs, Silmarallion: Melkor Seducing Marion. 2013. Print.

Phobs, Rotg Love With All My Heart. 2012. Print.

Phobs, Mongolian Sketchdump. 2016. Print.

Phobs. Genghis’ Sons Sketch. 2013. Print.

Phobs. Evgeny’s Past Life. 2011. Print.

Phobs. New ID Thing. 2012. Print.


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