Floating City Presentation

The Floating city project is finally over, and I definitely feel far less distressed and upset. I felt like I was running on fumes for weeks. I’m very pleased with the overall presentation. I’m getting better at talking in front of the class. I’m not as anxious. I think the whole city looked very nice in the end, and even though Veronika and I didn’t have the time add motion graphics due to work hours, it still looked very nice. There were some compliments from the class, and I did enjoy answering questions about the process.

All in all, this project really pushed me to work as hard as I could. This was the first assignment I’ve had this year where I was very aware of the effort I was giving. I liked both the historical and technical research I got to do for it. (I won’t lie, I even sort of liked the stress as well.)

I’m really looking forward to the next assignment.


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