Floating City Practice

My group is finally getting started on the floating city project and it’s going well so far. We’ve chosen Salem Massachusetts and we’ve settled on a witch theme. I sketched of some designs, and combined my favorite one with Veronika’s

Mine were the bottles. We’re gonna place the buildings inside them and then have those dangling over Veronika’s  book, which will be the light source.

While practicing on Maya, I also researched some statistics about Salem, like Alec had requested we do.After some consideration, we decided to use the John Corwin Witch House as one of our most noticeable buildings. It’s one of the only still standing structures with direct ties to the Witch Trials.

This place is most definitely haunted and I love it

So for now, here are some practice bottles I’ve been working on17092856_1224396790989250_2041465425_o.png


Note to self: ask alec how to scoop out chunks of the stoppers to make them look more like corks






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