Raging Bull Artifact!

We made a bull mask guys and I’m so done with this project oh god

So out group decided to do a mask for our artifact. Since Jake spends a bunch of time hiding his emotions and struggles behind anger and the persona of the Raging Bull, we decided a mask would be the best thing to make. The third eye is to symbolize higher consciousness and inner self and what not. You know, all that stuff Jake never gets around to addressing because he’s too busy hitting everyone he loves.

Nuala started by sketching out the design we wanted


Then Lydia went out and bought a mask we would chop up and shape into that of a bull’s face. She used paper mache for that bit.

While that was going on, I volunteered to make the horns out of clay. I used really light Miracle Magic clay from Crayola, to make sure they wouldn’t weigh the mask down at all. Then I attached them using layers and layers of tape

After that, all that was left to do was paint it up and add the finishing touches


We done


Here is the reference I used to get the idea for the horns: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Minotaur-Mask-306815139


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