Schematic work

Making the schematic has been a bit of a chore, but an interesting one considering it’s unlike anything I’ve had to do before. Basically we had to make a list of characters and a list of main events in the plot, then compile the information in a brief summary presented in a graph like format. As previously mentioned, our movie was Raging Bull

Characters ordered by relevance)

-Jake Lamotta

-Vicki Lamotta

-Joey Lamotta



-Sugar Ray Robinson


Lydia was awesome enough to write down all the characters and the events. It was eleven pages worth of notes. Well done buddy.

After that I organized the information she took into the first draft of the schematic while also getting some pages of trivia done about the real Jake Lamotta, the making of the movie, and fun facts about the actors.


We had also agreed to keep the final schematic in a circular shape, as that’s how Lamotta’s story was portrayed- a full circle. Lydia took care of this part.

While she took care of that, Nuala put together some gorgeous designs

With all out informaiton finally organized in a way we liked, the schematic bounced back to Lydia, and she began to put together the outline that we would be using


After that I plugged in all the information that we’d gathered about the movie events and characters, and Rachel added the dates as well. Our final schematic looks like this



All in all it was not as stressful as I thought it would be. I had hoped to pull a little extra effort for the group, but we managed to split up the work up very evenly, and I’m extremely pleased with the end result. Now we just have to work on the artifact, which should be a breeze.


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