Raging Bull Assignment

So our newest assignment is to make a schematic about a movie. Ours was Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull. I’m not really a huge fan of sports films, mainly because I find the main character is never really very sympathetic. I didn’t much care for Raging Bull, and in this case it was because Jake Lamotta was an unlikable, violent man who got far in life by mistreating those around him. I just don’t really understand the appeal of praising that sort of behavior.

Anyway, what’s done is done, and I’ve been doing some research on the making of the film. I rather enjoyed this part, because the people behind the scenes are truly quite eccentric.

Scorsese wasn’t expected to live long enough to make another film due to an extreme collapse as a result of his drug abuse, and De Niro is heavily considered to be the reason why the director did indeed beat the odds.

De Niro was enthralled by the story of Raging Bull, and persistently pitched the idea to a bed ridden Scorsese until he agreed. De Niro then began training under Lamotta, and even participated  in three Brooklyn boxing matches, two of which he won. (I love this guy)

It was Joe Pesci’s big start as well. He was running an Italian restaurant when Scorsese picked him up for the role of Joey Lamotta.

The tricks Scorsese used when filming were fascinating as well. His main reason for filming in black and white was because he knew the people who grew up watching boxing in it’s prime would have seen it in black and white.

It’s a shame I disliked the movie so much, but honestly the trivia and the knowledge I’m getting from the research is well worth it. Plus I’m a huge De Niro fan, so there’s another plus.


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