Vogler Stuff

Reviewing the reading material for our project, I’m really enjoying the subject. I usually have trouble with non fiction work, so this is a very refreshing change for me.

I’m covering the section called The Innermost Cave, which references the hero’s exploration of the world he’s been placed in after the initial confusion and clamor of being there fades. This is essentially the part of the story where the main character knows enough about the world so that their choices from then on can be seen as informed and understandable. The best and clearest example of this is when Luke goes to Degobah in The Empire Strikes Back to learn more about the force from Yoda.

It’s a fairly mellow point of the story, I think. There’s not much left to happen. It’s located right between the shock of being thrust into the story and the grande finale. Though I will admit I do enjoy being able to spot so many examples of this structure in all my favorite movies and books.



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