More Life Drawing

These were some of my favorites from the class. Mostly all from late November and December, I feel as though that’s when I progresses the most. Unfortunately that was when I only just started asking Mike for help, so there are definitely some very clear things I have to work on. I kind of draw legs like french fries; the joints are all choppy and uneven, and I definitely need to focus on proportions of the body so I don’t wind up drawing the model as a Mii. I also focus on drawing too quickly instead of finding the form.

On a more positive note, after I told Mike what I thought I was doing wrong, I could see where I was improving. I got a better feel for the torso, and the head wasn’t as massive as I used to draw it. I know if I practice over break, I’ll be able to improve much faster, and I’m looking forward to next semester.


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