Design Discourse reflection

So come to think of it, I’ve blogged literally nothing about my third class of the semester. Design Discourse with Yuan was pretty informative, though it felt like a class that I did not put a lot of effort into.(Please note I am in no way pleased about that.)  While I truly love history and the evolution of art forms to date, I’m absolute crap at retaining information unless I’m being tested on it. I remember first day I took some notes, but I pretty much stopped after Yuan told me I didn’t need to worry about quizzes or tests. My incentive to take notes lies in the promise that there will be a test that will reflect my effort in the class. Without that, I essentially day dream or doodle, or play on my phone until the class is over. I kind of wish I wasn’t that way, because then I could apply myself more, but perhaps I can try harder next semester.

All in all, I’m frustrated that there aren’t more grading opportunities for me to push myself to achieve, however I understand that if I want to feel a sense of accomplishment, I must try to work outside the learning environment I was brought up in.


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