Stalling Presentation

Did the report today on Stalling. The format-Petchekucha- was very strange, and it was very stressful trying to cram everything I’d learned into 20 seconds per slide. I started getting so nervous, I was certain my speech kept going over. I wasn’t pleased with my performance really, and very frustrated with my team for deciding to take out the timed slides literally the minute before we went on. It would have helped us keep pace. Perhaps I should have rehearsed better to the point where I wouldn’t need the timer. Anyway, here are my sources for my half of the research:

This was the link providing me with his musical background and later influence on Warner Brother’s cartoon scoring. 

This here was a fantastic interview with Bruce Broughten and several informative points on the 90s cartoon era

Covering his early career to retirement. 

And lastly, a wonderfully succinct coverage of his early life


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