Ball Bounce, Maya

So we’ve been using Maya as of late, and it’s not as soul destroying as the second years make it out to be, however it is still a slight pain. Anyway, we had to do three ball bounce sequences-I’ll post them a little later-and these were the references I used.

Superball: small and squishy, and way harder to animate than the others because of how much energy there was. In my animation I copied the set up of the video and had the ball bouncing between two shelves to give it more ricochet.. .

Bowling ball: This was the easier one to animated, seeing as how all I had to do was focus on how many bounces the ball would have and the weight of that bounce. I rather enjoyed this one.

Tennis ball: This one was harder than I thought it would be. It wasn’t as bouncy as the super ball, but not as stiff as others.


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