Mind World Presentation

After fish world, I got moved over to a world residing inside the human mind. It wasn’t a bad idea, and we actually managed to execute it rather well. Our animatic was about 35 seconds long a told the story of the paranoid mind. I wound up in the same group with two other people I had previously worked with, which was really lucky. We already knew how everyone worked. We split up the work between us, and my job was to handle the lighting and sound.

None of my work was used in the animatic. Like despite working super hard with some of the darkest drawings I’ve ever worked with illuminated, the person who put together the animatic never got them and wound up having to draw their own frames. Part of me is utterly furious, like pissed on a level I haven’t felt in a while, but then again, it would be unfair of me to blame anyone, as this was literally just a really stressful hiccup. It doesn’t help that all of the sound research I had done wound up being useless anyway. I had a lot of work that was never shown and it was in general just really disappointing.

These were the frames I  had worked on

I’d really like to just put this presentation behind me


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