WIP: Lighting practice

Taking a quick break from story boarding to marathon Dexter and try playing with some light. One of the things I noticed about this show is that is has some great light angles that I’ve been meaning to try for a while. A concern I have constantly with my art is that it’s very repetitive in its appearance, so I’m starting small and trying a red back light. (Seriously, this show has so many sirens going constantly that there is almost unlimited red lighting.)


I need to darken the face a little more before I starting messing with the light, but I’m rather pleased with it so far. I think that camera and light session we had with Conann about a week or two ago is really coming in handy.

Because I’m also like super into Dexter right now, I’ve been using a lot of the red light references from fanart and the show itself.

Portrait - Dexter Morgan by KimiSz

Artist: KimiSZ


Then I’ve been using as many red light shots as I can find. These occur pretty much any time Dexter feels murderous or is in the process of killing someone, so fairly easy to find.



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