Finished Photo Project

So from what I remember, I had to take somewhere between 75 and 100 photos with the themes of tonality, scale. perspective, color, and texture. Thing is I’m super good with perspective, as it really just involves lying down on the ground and holding really still. I was a little uneasy about the others, as they turned out a little blurry, but I’m confident in the six I’ve chosen to present. So here they are



I live next to the ocean, so I always find a lot of gorgeous shells that I most certainly don’t need but totally take with me anyway. Now they’ve finally proven useful.



Not gonna lie, I played with the colors in photoshop for a bit to get rid of the fall colors. I was super proud of this one though.

Depth of Field


I was super excited to do this one, because this is the only type of angle I know how to do well.





See I am so good at just downward macro shots.



Unfortunately this one turned out a little blurry.



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