Group review 2

This group was assigned to take over the Fish World. At first we were all really unsure of where to begin, considering that while the world had a lot of creative potential, it had not been expanded upon enough to give us much to work with. Even the original world member was confused by it, and we wound up redoing a lot of it. In the end however, I think this is the best group I’ve worked with so far.

Not only are my team members such incredibly talent individuals, but they’ve been fantastic about communication, and supporting everyone’s ideas and experimenting with them rather than just sticking to their own. By the time we had to present, we had influenced each other so much their all of our pieces-despite varying art styles- looked to be taking place in the same world.

This was something my previous group had struggled with, and it felt good to have my work and ideas acknowledged rather than dismissed. Overall this is a fantastic group, and I actually rather enjoy working with them.


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