Coil/Scribble Tip

So earlier when yakking about Life Drawing, I mentioned this thing called the coil practice, and I figured I might elaborate on it a little. It’s really awesome, and has actually helped me loads when I first started trying to draw dynamic poses way back when I was a small cabbage.

Many artists such as John Buscema have used it in the past, and I actually learned it from his book with Stan Lee How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way. (1978) In chapter four-page 49, Lee walks us through how to draw the figure step by step, while Buscema advises that you just scribble it. With a few quick lines, he manages to bang out a general pose, which he can then detail to give the full shape.

It seems ridiculous, but there are many other uses in which the coil/scribble technique comes into play. It’s really good for just getting the idea down, yes, but it can also help with perspective. It allows you to look at the main part of the body and copy the diameters of the ellipses building it while using coil shapes. You can essentially use this to make sure all your viewpoints are in order before you then scribble out a silhouette. This can also be used to create depth in poses, and help stretch the poses into something more dynamic and goofy.

Overall it’s a great technique that helps artists get things done quicker and  more efficiently. I would highly recommend it to people who find that they’re struggling with breaking out of their current style and trying something new but easy.

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