This is the first part of a shadow world I’m throwing together. I know shadow worlds are a popular theme, so I’m not yet confident in the originality of the design. Basically it’s not exactly a world, but more of a plane of existence within our own. The land and its inhabitants can only be seen in darkness, and fade when the light hits them. It is mainly made up of large forests and tall grass, and the creatures can range anywhere from humanoid to something the size of a bus. I should have another brief doodle ready in a bit.

Their physicality varies on how much light is in the area as well, which is why there are very few instances of any injury, disappearance, or death surrounding the shadow plane’s existence. However it is still very easy to come into contact with this realm. Many walk through it on a daily basis without even realizing it. Those who do notice describe it as a feeling of being brushed or watched by something invisible. This is usually the vegetation of the plane. The creatures usually keep their distance.

I got a lot of my inspiration for the design from the actual myth of shadow people. Originally thought to be paranormal or supernatural, most consider the entities a result of sleep deprivation, paralysis, or hallucinations brought on by drug use.

More information on Shadow People here


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