World Design project

pw I had to design a world for one of my classes, and this was one of them. This is sort of a world within a pumpkin. There’s only one colony per pumpkin, but the surrounding pumpkins are always populated.

I call the inhabitants Wicks, mainly because I got to thinking about Jack O’Lanterns. Wicks are usually about the size of sprinkles, but are insanely aggressive. Funny, because they can do literally no harm. None. They’re little twits, I love them. The most they can do it make a noticeable racket is their territory is breached. They sound like rustling leaves at their loudest.

Their biggest asset is that their antenna allows them to lift objects twice their size. They use this ability to throw seeds at each other, since they’ll fight anything that moves.

The world is sustained through the hard work of the Wicks. They tunnel through the dirt to ensure the pumpkin is properly settled. They move the roots to better hydrated soil patches, and in return the pumpkin grows more seeds for them to eat and fight each other with.



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