Floating Tea

Waiting for some stuff to download so I played with some floating liquid for the scene. It’s actually not one of my jobs but I just wanted to see if I could do it.

I converted the particles to mesh and then played around with the liquid settings until I got something I liked. The last thing I did was apply a honey texture to make it look nice.


UV Mapping


UV Mapping doesn’t make a lot of sense to me yet and I’m frustrated but I figure is I can map this tiny leaf I can work my way up to the rest of the scene.

Right now I’m working on making a hedge using the nParticle tool. It’s difficult. I think I may just go lie down.


Hoo boy my patience wears thin….

Rugs are easier than I thought they would be, but Arnold doesn’t like the Fur settings maya has to offer so I’m stuck using the classic render.

At first I wanted to do a shag carpet style like they had back in the 50s/60s, so I used a polar bear setting and played with the length and the scraggle settings until I got something somewhat resembling shag carpet.

For the second one I used plain bear fur instead, which was way easier to use. For that one I simply lowered the clump and length settings. I think this one better resembles a carpet. I’ll make a few more and see if I can make Arnold process the fur settings. I should also see if I can convert this to a mesh.


Twirl/Second Walk

So this week I’ve been mainly focusing on the environment project so I haven’t had timeĀ  to work on the walk cycles and dynamic poses. I got a chance today and I’m pretty pleased with what I managed to throw together. Unfortunately exporting the walk cycle borked the timing in the step, so the loop isn’t perfect and I’m tired.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)


This took roughly about two hours to put through the graph editor, but I’m happy with it. I am also working on a back flip but that’s taking longer than I thought. I’ll upload it later.

Basket case

I don’t always say “I died making this” but listen…..I died making this…..


So first things first, this is for our environmental setting project. So far I’ve modeled two shelves, two plants, this basket, cushions, and a fishbowl. There’s still a lot to do but I’m pleased with how everything looks and how quickly it’s coming along.

This was made using a combo of nurbs and lattices. First thing I did was create an oval nurb. Then I created a cylider, made the top face count 0, then deleted everything except that little circle on top. I then duplicated that and combined the two pieces before latching them to the nurb and extruding. After I upped the divisions, the cylinders followed the nurb shape into two rings which I then twisted together. That was the easy part. You just double the first ring for the top then shrink it a little to make the bottom.

The weaving was more difficult because I didn’t realize I’d forgotten to keep plenty of divisions. Basically I set up four stretched out cylinders and then wove a nurb in between them. Then I copied the same process of making the polygon follow the nurb path. Then the tricky part: making sure I had enough divisions to ensure I could bend everything the way I needed.

Anyway, after that it was just a matter of lining up the mesh and trying not to yell. Despite the overall frustration I experienced making this, I’m extremely pleased with myself, and look forward to the next challenge.



Here’s something I love to do: make poofy fluffy things in maya. I made these for the environment project. I still have yet to show the rest of the team. The back three were made using the Air Field, but the front one I used with a Gravity Field. I feel like the effect was more relaxed than the other. It looks like someone sits on it frequently, which is a naturalness I want to capture.

Professional Practice Project

Oh hey by the way I do have another project? It’s for Yuan’s class and we have to research the professional fields of animation and the best way to go about getting hired. I’m gonna check to see if Yuan has posted any examples yet to help us out on black board. I haven’t been able to touch base with my group since we first met up, nor have I managed to do anything outside of googling “animation jobs.” Mainly I’ve been focusing on the two projects that Alec assigned.

I’ll be meeting with the group today, but so far I’ve gotten at least several job titles like the usual 3D or 2D animator, concept artist, video game designer, environment artist, stop motion artist, and modeler. Those are all self explanatory pretty much, but the real issue is putting all the information together to explain how to get hired and job searching.

Really? I wish we could just do another essay man. I like essays. Presentations are not at all enjoyable.